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Though the former heavyweight champion strove to present himself as a patriarchal figure, and clearly loved his disparate family in his own aberrant way, his son Ali Junior says the boxer took after his own father, Cassius Marcellus Clay, a philandering Kentucky artist.Though he converted to Islam, and was no doubt sincere in his faith, he sewed his wild oats at every opportunity.he still has that sense of self and dignity.’Perhaps so, yet for all his towering achievements, his mood can hardly have been enhanced by the knowledge that he would leave a family riven by feuds.They run so deep that it is difficult to imagine how they might come together in the coming days, even for the few hours of his funeral. Yes, Ali was a sporting genius; a fighter blessed with such grace and agility that he transformed boxing into ballet.During our meeting, over breakfast at a cheap diner he frequents, Junior recalled how, at his father’s 50th birthday party, Ali took him aside for what would prove to be their only heart-to-heart conversation.‘He told me he was afraid what might happen to him in the afterlife because of some of the things he’s done,’ said Junior.‘I told him that whatever had gone on in the past, I still loved him, and his eyes filled with tears.’But he claims to have been thwarted at every turn by Ali’s fourth wife Lonnie, who regarded him – unfairly, he insists - as a sponger and banished him from Ali’s life altogether after learning how he had tried to sell a pair of his father’s boxing gloves.It happened, as he likes to recall, in 1953, when they went together to Louisville police station to report the theft of Cassius’s bike.

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Married four times, he was a serial adulterer (fortunately for him, such matters weren’t reported openly in his day) and though he acknowledged nine children plus an adopted son, there are many others, all across America, who claim him as their father.

No longer able to read or write, for many years he would spend hours watching re-runs of his big fights on a mini-cinema-sized television in his living room: the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ with Foreman and the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ were his favourites.

His illness had made his vocal chords brittle, but they would sometimes loosen sufficiently for him to muster a few words, and he would ask to be seated before his computer to make a Skype call to his beloved grandson, Jacob, 15, the son of his daughter Khalilah Ali-Wertheimer.‘He has a lot to be depressed about,’ she said.

Since his face had become an emotionless mask, it was difficult to tell what Ali really thought, yet publicly, as in private he carried his burden with the same courage that saw him through his epic fights with George Foreman and Joe Frazier.

From the time his symptoms first began to appear – when he was approaching 40 years old and still dreaming of winning back the heavyweight title – until he drew his last breath, Ali never displayed an ounce of self-pity.Or he might become unco-operative as his carer Marilyn attempted to dress him for the day, pulling his trademark pop-eyed faces at her choice of outfit – usually a colourful, loose-fitting cotton shirt and slacks – and making it difficult for her to do up the buttons.

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