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Most varieties featured here are organic, but some varieties are only available as non-organic seed.

Don't let this prevent you from trying a variety that looks interesting.

(F1, 60-70 days) produces 7” (18cm), deep-orange carrots with 2” (5cm) shoulders and the classic cone shape of Chantaney carrots.

For a few days following, average traffic to the site went from 4,500 to 9,000 hits per day.

The carrot is a biennial plant in the umbellifer family Apiaceae.

At first, it grows a rosette of leaves while building up the enlarged taproot.

As Biderman said of his own site, which will likely apply to Carrot Dating, “There might be a lot of people who get really histrionic about it, jump up and down, but there’s other people who say, 'That’s interesting.'” And the former fuel the latter.

sativus) is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist.

They’re still a favorite among home gardeners, but older carrots develop a woody core, so harvest Chantenay carrots at 6-7” (15-18cm).

Contains equal parts of 'Atomic Red', 'Bambino', 'Cosmic Purple', 'Lunar White', and 'Solar Yellow' seeds. Buy 'Kaleidoscope Mix' Seeds (Burpee Seeds) (F1, 240 days) is a storage-type Nantes variety bred for overwintering in the ground. Sweet, 7-8” (17-20cm) carrots with 1 ½” (4cm) shoulders. Unlike most purple carrots, this one retains some color on cooking.

(F1, 70 days) produces 8-10” (20-25cm), tapered carrots with purple skin and a bright orange core. Buy 'Cosmic Purple' Seeds (Baker Creek Seeds) Imperator carrots are the classic long, tapered roots you see in stores.

Links to buy seeds go to seed companies that offer that variety. We receive a commission on seed orders you place to these companies (the commission comes from the company, so you pay the same whether you click on our link or order directly from the company).

Commissions help pay for maintaining and updating this web site.The most commonly eaten part of the plant is the taproot, although the greens are sometimes eaten as well.

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