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01-Aug-2017 08:38

These might be a Digital Ocean Droplet or a bare metal server from In Motion Hosting or Rackspace for example.Often when you buy a bare metal or VPS, you do not get to change how the back end is routing.Just because an IP is from China, it doesn’t mean blocking that IP will do a lick of good in the long run.Web admins will rarely block an IP simply because that IP did naughty things once.Here is a screenshot of Awstats telling me that China is responsible for the second-largest volume of traffic to a certain web forum I manage. While it is certainly possible that Chinese people may find the content of the forum useful, there is really no explanation for this activity.We don’t cater specifically for China or advertise to attract Chinese residents.TIP: If you are interested in going the .htaccess route anyway, and want to get an accurate, ‘right from the source’, daily updated list of IPs by country, you might start by reading what this guy has done to automate things. You can get much more advanced, such as limiting based on what protocol is used, but this is the basic idea. The two main types are: A bare metal or VPS is a machine that you have complete control over.From software firewalls to hosting software and control panels, it’s all in your hands.

Below are many of the common ways to block countries, with some pros and cons and code samples.

In other words, your .htaccess or Apache config file (or other ACL/firewall) is likely to grow to hundreds of thousands of lines of text if you wanted to block countries yourself this way. If you want to see how many lines it would take in .htaccess to block a country, try using ip2location.

To block the US, you need over 150,000 lines of text!

The bottom line is this, do not use .htaccess or Apache config or any other web server ACL to try and block countries.

It may be fine for a handful of IPs, but these files are read on every request and are not cached; it will hurt you eventually. Most hosting companies provide servers in such a way as to make this a feature they cannot offer.I have not found a host that has country blocking as part of its default plan and configuration.

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