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13-Mar-2018 23:23

It is all but impossible to be certain a profile is an accurate representation of the person writing it.

For this reason, safety should always be your primary concern.

Millions of women are looking for their soul mate, and the odds are good their soul mates are looking too.

Learn how to create a safe and compelling profile, make first contact, design a great first date, and avoid the common mistakes.

Instead, talk about issues that are not necessarily related to your orientation. For example, rather than overload your profile with rainbows, talk about your experiences in supporting those causes.

It is enough to say that you are or are not openly lesbian.

~~SAFETY~~ Your view on love may not be traditional, but that doesn't mean you are immune to the dangers of traditional straight dating.

In fact, lesbian online dating sites can be a magnet for unstable, even dangerous women and men.

Value yourself enough to put your need for safety ahead of your desire for companionship.Also, do not use images of yourself that exist elsewhere on the internet with the same name.Doing so will make it easy for stalkers to quickly discover your personal information.Waiting for interested suiters to approach you might work in heterosexual online dating, but lebsian online dating isn't always so easy.

You may find that, without taking the initiative, time passes rather quietly.

To do this, you must make a concerted effort to avoid stereotyping yourself.

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