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25-Jul-2017 04:08

The yodels are most likely from her mate (only males yodel). Since loons haven't mastered texting yet, these calls are...

expand The pair has settled into a two shift schedule.

expand At this point, the hatch is a full week overdue.

The loons are beginning to lose interest in incubating the eggs and the nest is occasionally being left unattended for an hour or so, as shown in this video.

expand This video shows a very sudden flush by the loon sitting on the nest.

Normally, we would see a head down/neck extended posture or some other indication of alertness before a loon flushes from a nest.

For all practical purposes, the chances of a hatch are nil. expand Here is a snippet of last night's evening loon concert.

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expand We have started live-streaming another loon nest. Because the male is unbanded, we can't be sure how long he has...It will be a busy day today for the parents, protecting the chick until it dries while still incubating the second egg.