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It would be unique to see a company put the benefits of the people before those of itself Final EIR/S, November 1995 £? COMMENTS G-19 Draft EIR/S Comment Sheet received ixi i A li J'JS Proposed Alt liras Transmission Line Name: — £/Z£ D Aa J. Increased distance would reduce: the potential for spur-of-the-moment vandalism; the hazard to aircraft using the Alturas Airport (including fire Final EIR/S, November 1995 G-29 © PART G. As reflected above, it is clearly evident that several of the properties of the Bordertown residents are located within 300 feet or less, and is some cases less than 200 feet, of the proposed WCFG alternative route.

In closing, we would like to ask you to reconsider this new line proposal for the sake of all the people it will negatively impact. Alternative Segment A is farther away from the City of Alturas than is B.

Krauel 34 GP.42 Brandon Gentry 1 GP.43 Judy and Stephen Theemis 1 GP.44 Shirley and Carl Backman 1 GP.45 Richard W. In fact, the draft DEIR/S recognizes these concerns as reflected on Page 15 of the Executive Summary: In order for the Proposed Project, or any transmission or generation alternative, to improve service reliability into the Rcno/Lakc Tahoe area, connection to SPPCO's North Valley Road Substation would be required.

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Gaither) 1 OC.9 Long Valley area property owners (John R. The 345 line proposed in this project would have to become 500 kv as well. H »-i as II KRAir Emh t E VA-QUW Vika l Mna J Cot potation OF COUNSEL: TELEPHONE (702) 786 5055 429 Wort Plumb Lena NANCY MOSS OHUSN FAX (702) 786 8449 Reno. The Bordertown residents reside just to the east of the California/Nevada State line and the proposed alternative segment WCFG will traverse directly in from of the Bordertown residents. The environmental concerns were separately addressed in the DEIR/S prepared by the Aspen Group, and a draft was issued on June 21, 1994.

This routing could result in significant property ownership constraints and potentially significant land use, visual, and air quality impacts.

Hess 1 1 GP.38 Ellen and Roger Erickson 1 GP.39 Robert C. This growing area is also located within the Truckce Meadows Air Basin, a non-attainment air basin for both State and Federal and ambient air quality standards.

This index of commenters is presented with the following group designations preceding the comment set number: • GP Comment Sets from the General Public • OC Comment Sets from Organizations and Citizen Groups • EO Comment Sets from Elected Officials • PA Comment Sets from Public Agencies • T Comment Sets from Public Hearing Transcripts TA Transcript Alturas TS Transcript Susanville TL Transcript Loyalton TR Transcript Reno • A Comments from Sierra Pacific Power Company (Applicant) The reader will note that four commenter listings are actually transcripts of the public hearings in Alturas, Susanville, Loyalton, and Reno. However, the draft DEIR/S is under the impression that very few residents would be effected and appears to discount the EMF concerns.

To further assist the reader in locating comments made during the hearings, a list of individual commenters at the hearings is presented as the first item in the transcript for each hearing. However, it is interesting to note that Sierra Pacific proposes to use the H frame structure as reflected in its Environmental Assessment Report which do meet standards currently in place.

Wilson 1 GP.104 Jerome Byczek 6 GP.105 Craig Miller 5 GP.106 Jamie Erkiaga 1 GP.107 Carolyn Longland 1 GP.108 Williams. Herman 1 GP.114 Elsie and Steve Pimko 2 GP.115 Jenny Booth 1 GP.116 Mary Wion 1 GP.117 Edward A. Campbell 4 GP.118 Mike and Mindy Bell 1 GP.119 Robert E. required for Nevada residents, shouldn't it be based in .. As depicted on Exhibit "A" attached hereto, the WCFG proposed alternative route will place the transmission line directly in front of the Bordertown residents. Connie Van Dyke 5 Sierra View Road Reno, Nevada 89506 Ms. Jeff & Terri Bond 10 Sierra View Road Reno, Nevada 89506 The Bond residence is located approximately 900 feet from the center of the WCFG route. Evans does not reside in Bordertown, he owns three residences which arc currently rented. The property line is located approximately 600 feet from the center of the WCFG route and approximately 500 feet from the edge of the WCFG route. The Bordertown residents only learned of the transmission line by happenstance sometime in either late March or early April second hand from some Long Valley residents who reside in Sierra County.

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