Dating world war two cigarettes

05-Mar-2018 16:21

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My thanks go also to the Newport Past web site for help and advice on many areas of my research.

The staff of Newport Central Library were a great help and although they did not have much information they were able to point me in the right direction and gave me so much help with those infernal microfiche readers which cause me so much trouble and frustration. Like some of my correspondents he had some wonderful stories to tell especially about his schooldays at Stow Hill School. Des Carter who willingly allowed me to see a copy of his own “Wartime Memoirs” which were so useful because they are so personal.

Therefore the first American troop units to arrive were combat ready… Until June 1944 the only Americans in Britain doing any fighting were airmen.

The GIs in Newport were almost all service and ancillary regiments, including the famous 756th RSB (Railway Shop Battalion). They were then re-assembled, re-steamed and then sent out all over Britain and France to replace engines and rolling stock damaged and destroyed in the bombing.

We used to sit at the table after meals and my grancha would regale us with the stories of his family and Newport Docks and usually the stories would end up with one or two about the Americans. As the years have gone by, and we now all have our own families and grancha has died and so many of the family have passed on, we no longer get the chance to reminisce about the war years, the stories have been forgotten.

All my aunts had tales to tell and some would be told over and over again. So my purpose in writing this article is to gather together facts and some of the family stories and add them to the memories of those who lived through the period when the Americans “occupied” Newport.

From an early age I had been brought up on a diet of stories about the war.