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"Honor yourself and the pace that feels right," says Braswell. One of Spielman's studies revealed that most senior men are ready for sex after three dates, whereas women aren't ready until five.If a man and woman want to get on the same page about a relationship, "both have to be prepared to say what they feel," he says.If those around you express concerns, the key is to communicate: "Tell people how you're feeling, why dating would be important to you, and that you need someone to enhance your life," says Sherman.Spielman adds that it's normal to experience guilt as you return to dating, but "then you realize your spouse would want you to enjoy your life." The dating scene may have changed quite a bit since you last sought a mate.He continues to write articles on his website, Suddenly, and also hosts an online radio show about understanding the new dating culture.With its unique challenges, senior dating does seem to require a road map.Using his background in market research, he conducted seven different studies and interviewed more than 1,000 men and 600 women ages 55 and older who were widowed or divorced.

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Thanks to free senior dating sites and larger sites like e Harmony, online dating for adults between the ages of 40 and 70 has skyrocketed.

To overcome obstacles in Some seniors believe or are told that it's not appropriate to have a boyfriend or girlfriend after the death of a spouse.