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"The more that people kiss, the more they're able to communicate on a romantic level." Many couples hesitate to talk about kissing out of embarrassment, Christian says.But if your first kiss -- or any of the many that follow -- isn't what you're hoping for, talk about it.Get the final five things that are romantic to a man here.Whether it's your first kiss or your thousandth, whether it’s with someone new or with your longtime partner, kissing leaves an impression -- one that lingers long after your lips have disengaged."Without words, your lips should say, 'Baby, there's more where that came from!' There are ways to keep it fresh and new all the time." She suggests starting with gentle kisses on the neck, move up to the ear, then go to the lips.

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He recommends kissing the different parts of your partner's face and paying special attention to the ears and neck.

Asking self-reflective questions, allowing the time and space for him to answer, then talking so that he can elaborate will likely make him feel valued and that you care about him in a special way. Eye to eye contact is a show of genuine interest, that you are comfortable being with him and that what he says truly matters to you. Say what you’d really like, “I’d really appreciate it if you…In the example above, George had felt disconnected from his wife for a while.

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