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On a side note, don't be surprised if during your dating sabbatical, the men start lining up.As soon as you say, "I'm not going to date for a while," the bus unloads. This is probably my favorite step of all, because it's all about me—excuse me—I mean, it's all about you. If you fall into any of these categories (and what single woman doesn't? During this step you get to stop, take a deep breath, and get your romantic bearings.

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Remember, the best restaurants are booked weeks in advance, why not you? Depending on the length of your last serious relationship, Dating Detox should last between thirty to ninety days.

That means deleting any conversations that are in progress--and clearly going nowhere. Remember all those things on your vision board that you forgot about in the hot pursuit of love? Use this month to revisit old hobbies, clean your house and cross off other things on your to-do list.

If you want to take it one step further, get rid of contacts of old flames, side pieces or Netflix & Chill buddies. Use this time to nurture and spoil yourself, inside and out.

Make sure to deactivate and not delete because you may come back to them after the detox.

Just like a juice cleanse rids us of junk food, get rid of crappy, unhealthy relationships.Lisa Cotter brings her wisdom and tell-it-like-it-is advice on how to approach a “Dating Detox” … You can get the first 3 chapters for FREE by going to but for now just sit back and listen to Lisa share why everyone should detoxify their dating life (referring here to the single people, of course).