Dating a nun

13-Jul-2018 04:09

With the creation of its UK office in 1927, Sichel targeted the export market.

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The comic elements of the storyline were provided by the flying ability of a novice nun, Sister Bertrille.

However, sales increased after Blue Nun was purchased by the Mosel-based German family firm Langguth which bought the previous owners, Sichel, in 1996.

They repositioned the brand, reclassifying it from a Liebfraumilch to a regular Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete (Qb A), changing the grapes from Müller-Thurgau to 30% Riesling, and making it less sweet. From 2001 on, Langguth also embarked on a brand extension, and has introduced several other wines under the Blue Nun name, including a German Riesling ice wine, a Languedoc Merlot and a Spanish rosé.

Here’s a harder question: how do you tell someone that you love them, and you are a monk?

Here’s an even harder one: how do you tell someone you love them, and you are a monk and they used to be a nun? But that is the question that was facing my father – the monk– as, one rainy day in 1974, he drove back from west Wales in a battered white Cortina next to my mother.

It was hoped the drink will appeal to young women drinkers, and will help position the brand differently.