Consolidating industries

24-Apr-2018 04:18

By using this Site or clicking on "OK", you consent to the use of cookies.At Hallcon, our leadership team has a broad range of outsourced services, transportation and technology experience with significant depth in the private and public transit sectors.As a recognized leader, he has received several awards for his successes in the safety and risk management arenas.Kevin has overall operational responsibility for the Rail Line of Business in both the United States and Canada.Karin has more than 25 years of Finance experience, and prior to serving as Senior Director of Finance, she held the role of Controller for Hallcon from February 2006 until September 2008.In this role, Karin was responsible for Financial Accounting and Reporting for the Rail Line of Business.Prior to joining Hallcon, he held numerous senior executive positions in the outsourced services, professional services, technology and social networking arenas.

Kevin formerly served as the President of the Board of Directors for a Toronto condominium corporation and served several years on the Board of Directors of Hallcon.His responsibilities include overall company performance metrics, senior management team leadership, customer relations as well as business strategy and innovation through communication with dispatch, finance, human resources and IT.Kevin has been with Hallcon since its introduction into railway crew transportation in 2003 and has experience running all parts of the business operations as well as customer procurement and development.He leads Hallcon’s use of information and technology to drive customer, growth and operational priorities.

Rob has more than 25 years of experience managing transformation initiatives, integrating mergers and driving strategic business value from investments in technology.Tony also leads efforts to enter into new markets either organically or through M&A activities.